The Open Space Committee

The Committee

The Open Space Committee was chartered by the HOA Board to assist it in developing and implementing a program to enhance the beauty and appeal of the HOA community.  All recommendations and actions of the committee are solely advisory in nature.


The Community


The HOA is comprised of four sub-communities: 

. Each have their own history, personality, attributes and challenges.


The Vision


The vision of the committee in carrying out its Board advisory duties is to preserve and enhance the distinct character of each community, protect property values and meet the expectations of the homeowners. The community and its leaders share a common goal of enriching the general well-being and quality-of-life of its residents through improvements to the ambiance and beauty of each neighborhood.


The Mission


In its advisory role to the board, the Open Space committee will develop guidelines for the committee  members, conduct meetings and encourage the participation of homeowners. Additionally, the committee will develop and adhere to a methodical, transparent process by which all stakeholders can voice their opinions, offer comments and submit proposals to be evaluated for inclusion in the long-term plan for  consideration by the Board.

Charter and Relevant Board Policies
The following charter and policies have been adopted by the board.  While every attempt is made to keep them current, they are subject to be superseded by subsequent board action.  A more complete and up-to-date set of the Association's Governing Documents may be found on file at the association office.
Open Space Committee Charter
The primary responsibility of the Open Space Committee is to advise and assist the Board in developing and implementing a program for the design, development, maintenance and general appearance of the Common Area ... (read the complete charter).
Turf Maintenance Policy
Turf areas must be mowed regularly and at no time shall the height of the turf exceed a maximum height of six (6) inches ... (read the complete policy).
Complaint Policy
The Association shall act only on written complaints
submitted to the Board in accordance with the procedures set forth in this Resolution. The Board has the discretion to act on verbal complaints if it believes the matter can be
quickly resolved ... (read the complete policy).
Due Process in Enforcement Cases
Owners are legally responsible for ensuring that the members of their household, and their tenants, guests or invitees comply with the Association's Governing Documents ... (read the complete policy).